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Stigma Studios Lineage

This is our Roadmap

February 2018

Stigma Studios Formed Team

The Indie team has been formed

October 2018

Lost Paradise

Presentation of the first project: Lost Paradise (Third Person Action Game)

January 2020

Lost Paradise Development

The development of Lost Paradise is ongoing

August 2021

Unreal Engine Mega Grant

we have been selected by Epic Games for funds from the "Mega Grants" program

January 2022

Unreal Engine Marketplace Assets

We started the production of various assets on the Marketplace Unreal Engine

June 2022

Development of assets in progress

We have published more than 30 assets on the Unreal Engine store

Stigma Studios FAQ //

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about Stigma Studios.
Please check this guide before contacting us.

What is Stigma Studios?

It is a purely independent team, it is not an officially formed studio.

How many people are in the Stigma Studios team?

The team is made up of six people, but not all of them actively participate, the core team is made up of two people.

Where is Stigma Studios based?

Stigma Studios is a group of people who form an independent team mainly in Italy.

What is Lost Paradise?

Lost Paradise is a third person action game in development.